Spoiled’s Distant Memory

New nails!

ImageIt looks a bit matte, and I wasn’t expecting that. Since all my other colors are shiny, I couldn’t pattern it was anything good. It’s a nice color though. Worth $1.50? Yep. =)


Christmas Time Nails

This semester has been so stressful, and it’s all because of just 1 class! O_O And it’s still not over! O_o

To de-stress, again, I did my nails, while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

About the cheesy Christmas movie, they really do all have the same plot.

Romantic Christmas movie: Couple meets, don’t get along, some sort of odd coincidence brings them together, randomly falls in love, celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

Scrooge type movie: Mean person (sometimes they really aren’t that bad, they just don’t have Christmas cheer), gets shown the error of their ways, becomes crazy with Christmas spirit.

Christmas comedy: Either a materialistic or Scrooge character, lots of comedic action that leads to the character learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Children’s Christmas movie: Kid neglected or outcasted, tries to bring together everyone for Santa Claus, everyone learns about the meaning of Christmas.

What do all these have in common? They all end with finding the meaning of Christmas. What’s that? Something about joy, love, and giving. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I never tire of this plot. You could be watching 5 different movies, but you know how it’s going to end: Oh, the meaning of Christmas.

Here are my nails:

So, on Thanksgiving, CVS has this thing every year where you get super extra bucks. Ended up getting a year worth of toothpaste and toothbrushes for about 3 bucks. (MAJOR SCORE!) I also got these really cheap nail polishes for about $3 too.

So, usually, my nail polish chips in a couple of days, but not this one. I’m actually really impressed. You need to apply a couple of coats though to get the color, but I’m okay with that. Also, the names are puns on TV shows; there’s “Everybody Loves Redmond,” “The Gold and the Beautiful,” and “SaGreena the Teenage Witch.” =)