Girl Scout Cookies!!

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies?! O_O Is it bad that I already finished the entire bag of Thanks-A-Lot (I got them on Monday)? They are just so good. Thin Mints… they’re okay. Oddly, I remember them being better. =/ I really liked this one kind they had, Pinata cookies, but they don’t make them anymore around here. =(

Anyway, I was looking for cookies for a while, because I knew it was the season, and then my labmate’s boyfriend’s coworker was selling them for his daughter, so I was able to get them! I don’t usually support organizations, but I will probably always support Girl Scouts.

Next year, I might be able to just skip the Thin Mints altogether and just go for lots of Thanks-A-Lots.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie?