Missed a day…

I know, I know. Missed a day. =( But I’m going to keep trying!

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, and my boyfriend is angry at me again. In fact, we might have broken up. I have no idea, because he’s just been ignoring me when I try to talk to him. 

Yes, I know he’s a bad influence, but it still hurts when you have to let someone go. It wasn’t a very good weekend.

Also, I have caught a cold.


What happens when you drink mid-day

You end up with a hangover in the evening! …Unless you decided to continue to drink (which I didn’t).

This morning around 11, I met some friends at a breakfast place that serves bloody mary’s and mimosa’s. Then I came home and had a couple cranberry-vodkas. (Hey, I had a tough day yesterday!) And now I have the biggest headache, my lamp.. can it be getting brighter?

Maybe a nap- that’ll last all night long… zzz…


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Recently, WordPress had a featured blog, and they had some pretty interesting recipes. I tried their Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes!


This recipe uses:

I didn’t make the actual cake like their recipe. I just bought some regular chocolate cake mix from the supermarket, and instead of using water, I used Guinness. I figured it’d be the same, because the alcohol goes away after baking and it’d taste like a chocolate cake anyway.

Then I cut holes in them and filled them with the Jameson chocolate ganache!

Doesn’t that look yummy?

Finally, I made some Bailey’s frosting!

Never made frosting before. It was really cool!

You should definitely try these! They’re great!

Clean Those Safety Showers!

Part of my chemistry life is to work in a lab. For all non-lab people, in a lab, if you spill chemicals on you or somehow set yourself on fire, you will use the safety shower or eye wash.

You should always test these things regularly. Especially, the eye wash because that water is gonna go into your eyes! I usually check weekly for the eye wash. The water from the eye wash has this smell, as does the rest of the tap water in the building, but at least it’s clean-ish.

Today the safety people came around to test the safety shower. I think they do this about every 3-6 months (or that’s when I notice them).  What happened? Well, you know dirty water?

Of course, you know dirty water! The water from the shower started coming out black and brown with lots of dirt particles in it. While yes, this would still rinse the chemicals off you and you’d be fire free (depending on the chemical as some chemicals are even more flammable with water added), it’s really dirty water! Lesson of the day, check your eye washes and safety showers regularly! Or it’d be really gross!

Also, for more information on the dirty water vending machine, check out here and here. It’s a UNICEF project to gives kids clean water.

Yarn Activities

Check out the hat I just made!

I doesn’t look as great as the photo in the book I was using, but, it looks decent. I might have made my gauge too loose, because it’s a bit larger than my head. I’m afraid a strong gust of wind might blow it off.

Right now, I’m working on a blanket as I mentioned earlier. Here are the colors I’m using:

Now, some people might say these colors don’t match, but it’s actually a nice combo. I’m working on it, and it’ll be pretty when I’m done! =) Just you wait.

Movies About Kids With Superpowers but Messed Up

Besides watching the Superbowl (…grumble….) this weekend, I also watched Chronicle!

It was spectacular! To summarize, there are three high school guys and they find something and get telekinetic powers. Each boy represents a different type of personality.

The way the movie is shot is great. All the cameras in the movie are supposed to be an actual camera in the movie. What I mean is, one of the boys always carries around a camera, and the entire movie is from his camera’s perspective. I think from that sort of idea and also that the actors are pretty much unknowns make  it seem like a really cheap movie, but actually it’s probably not. The effects are really great. I could almost believe that this was real.

My one problem with this ending is that it’s a tragedy, and I wasn’t really expecting it to be. So be warned! Otherwise, it’s awesome! 🙂

Internet Problems

My internet at home has been really spotty. It just goes off and then turns back on. Some times it doesn’t even turn back on and I have to reset the connection and it’ll work like nothing ever happened. I called the company and they said they can’t tell what’s wrong if it’s working, which means I have to wait until the internet is out for a long time and call them about it. =/

In happier news, I decided to spend a little money and bought a compact mirror!

It’s from a store called The Purple Cow. Yep, that’s right. Oddly, not the first time I’ve heard of the term “purple cow” but I have no idea where it stems from. Are purple cows just popular?

Anyway, now, with this new mirror, I can touch up my makeup without having to use my computer camera.

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This can happen?!

For those who don’t understand the above picture, the Christmas Yooyu on the right is a pet. It was just hanging out in my inventory. I also carry around food in my inventory, which apparently pets in your inventory can randomly eat!  Not that it matters, because the item wasn’t worth that much. I’m just SUPER surprised that it can actually do that.

Wait, what? You play Neopets?

There are actually a lot of adult players…. I think. You know, unless they’re all lying. I sure hope they aren’t all lying. But Neopets is very fun. I’ve had that account for about 11 years. Some times it is a real pain in the ass for certain games and challenges, like when my mouse broke and was just using my laptop scroll thing. Do not play games with a laptop mouse-pad.

Anyway, today’s Friday and my advisor is gone. Leave a bit earlier? I think so.