Spoiled’s Distant Memory

New nails!

ImageIt looks a bit matte, and I wasn’t expecting that. Since all my other colors are shiny, I couldn’t pattern it was anything good. It’s a nice color though. Worth $1.50? Yep. =)


Crayon colors!

Look what I made!

It was girl’s night, and we decided to do some arts and crafts! Crayon melting art!

I picked these colors so that it’ll look like a campfire. Does it look like one?

Doing this sort of crafting is actually really fun. To do this, you glue some crayons to the top of the canvas, and then bring a heat gun to them, and they’ll melt down.

There are some really cool ones!

Yarn Activities

Check out the hat I just made!

I doesn’t look as great as the photo in the book I was using, but, it looks decent. I might have made my gauge too loose, because it’s a bit larger than my head. I’m afraid a strong gust of wind might blow it off.

Right now, I’m working on a blanket as I mentioned earlier. Here are the colors I’m using:

Now, some people might say these colors don’t match, but it’s actually a nice combo. I’m working on it, and it’ll be pretty when I’m done! =) Just you wait.

Christmas Time Nails

This semester has been so stressful, and it’s all because of just 1 class! O_O And it’s still not over! O_o

To de-stress, again, I did my nails, while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

About the cheesy Christmas movie, they really do all have the same plot.

Romantic Christmas movie: Couple meets, don’t get along, some sort of odd coincidence brings them together, randomly falls in love, celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

Scrooge type movie: Mean person (sometimes they really aren’t that bad, they just don’t have Christmas cheer), gets shown the error of their ways, becomes crazy with Christmas spirit.

Christmas comedy: Either a materialistic or Scrooge character, lots of comedic action that leads to the character learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Children’s Christmas movie: Kid neglected or outcasted, tries to bring together everyone for Santa Claus, everyone learns about the meaning of Christmas.

What do all these have in common? They all end with finding the meaning of Christmas. What’s that? Something about joy, love, and giving. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I never tire of this plot. You could be watching 5 different movies, but you know how it’s going to end: Oh, the meaning of Christmas.

Here are my nails:

So, on Thanksgiving, CVS has this thing every year where you get super extra bucks. Ended up getting a year worth of toothpaste and toothbrushes for about 3 bucks. (MAJOR SCORE!) I also got these really cheap nail polishes for about $3 too.

So, usually, my nail polish chips in a couple of days, but not this one. I’m actually really impressed. You need to apply a couple of coats though to get the color, but I’m okay with that. Also, the names are puns on TV shows; there’s “Everybody Loves Redmond,” “The Gold and the Beautiful,” and “SaGreena the Teenage Witch.” =)

Birthday Cake, Anyone?

Okay, so this weekend was way busier than I expected. (Completely didn’t get those translations done!)

In fact, it took my cousin and I an entire day (10+ hours) just to bake my grandma’s birthday cake. -.- It was such a long process. We only had certain size pans and only two of them and… well, in the end, we baked 6 cakes and stacked them so that it became a 3 layer cake of white-chocolate-white. Let’s see the step by step shall we? =)

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More translations

Even though I don’t have a lot of time, I really want to finish these translations. Not because I have to. No one is paying me. I’m getting no materialistic reward from this. I just want to.

I wouldn’t say my Chinese is improving from doing this. Although, I do tend to remember the words that come up often, so maybe it is improving? Sometimes we can’t be too sure.

Also, it seems that I’m moving faster than expected. (Yay!) I’ve finished Ayumi’s Arena Tour 2008! (Yep! Finished 3 days before my goal date!)

Next up will be PCDL 08-09! Right now, I’ve got most of it. I hope to finish the translation by the 4th and then type it all up on Monday. Goal: 5th!

Actually, since I’m translating the subtitles instead of an insert in the booklet, it’s way easier. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m watching and the font is bigger. The only downside is I can only play the DVDs on my computer so I can’t type as I go. Also, I have to pause the DVD a lot, and some of the subtitles move really quickly. =/

After I finish PCDL, I hope to do AT09 NEXT LEVEL. Hopefully, I will finish that one by August 1st. I expect it to take longer because I have to go through a lot of MCs and stuff.

Also, if you’re wondering where I’m posting these translations, I am Catzi at ahsforum.com! =) If you’re an Ayu fan, come join the party.

Firefly: Jayne Cobb’s Cunning Hat: Part 2

After about four hours (mostly of me being distracted, actually), I finished the hat! It’s really comfy and warm!

(Just disregard my strange looking pajamas…. >.>) I just hope that it fits my cousin’s head. I did take into consideration that he is taller than me, so he probably has a larger head.

Basically, I made a beanie with the yellow and orange, then added red ear flaps and a pom-pom. It’s pretty easy.

On another note, I have all this extra yarn. What to do? What to do?

(Extra short post today)

Firefly: Jayne’s Cunning Hat

There are a lot of people actually who have already done this. Personally, I don’t see why it’s so great and a must have, but anyway, my cousin seems to have a great deal of interest in wanting to have Jayne Cobb’s hat from the show Firefly.

(Wicked cool hat?)

It’s a pretty basic hat with a pom-pom, no doubt, but those die hard fans…. Ha ha, I suppose I can understand. It’s a fashion statement amongst the Firefly fans.

So, I’ve bought the yarn and everything, and I’ll begin constructing the hat soon. I’m no pro, so who knows how the hat will turn out? But in the show, the hat’s a bit worn and imperfect, so I would say maybe it’ll add some “flavor.”

The strange thing is that my cousin never rarely steps outside his color palette of ~~black~~. I really don’t remember the last time there wasn’t any black….huh. It would be interesting to see how this turns out.