That Lip Color Post….

Talking about lipsticks again! Besides the one I showed you the other day, there are the four main colors that I usually wear.

As you’ll notice most of those are drugstore brands. I think that drugstore lipstick are
1. worth the price and
2. have way more colors.

While shiny is okay, I like having a good cream finish, so no gloss.

Cherry Rain, nothing like a good red.

Raspberry Grace, Clinique's wine-like colors are my go to

Gentlemen Prefer Pink, don't wear this one much

Warm Me Up, my favorite nude color

Do you have a favorite color?


Raspberry Pie Lips?!

I’ve been super into lipcolor lately. Mostly because I’ve come to some realization that my eyes just don’t do shadow very well. 😦

I’ve never really been too into lipstick before, because my lips are super chapped most of the time. Revlon recently came out with a new line of lipsticks, “Colorburst Lip Butter,” and I wanted to test it out. Any time there’s “butter” in the name, wouldn’t you assume that means it’s hydrating?

Since I’ve tried some light pinks in the past, and they don’t seem to work to well (maybe I’ll show you some time), I decided to buy a darker pink color. I’m particular drawn to like a red wine color, but I didn’t want to get another lipstick of a similar color.

This is their raspberry pie.

Shot before work today. It is a nice color. Definitely not the same old red wine color, more red than pink. I did apply chapstick before the color, but still it’s been lasting a bit longer than other colors I’ve used. Overall, I approve, and might possibly go get another color from the same line. 🙂

Girl Scout Cookies!!

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies?! O_O Is it bad that I already finished the entire bag of Thanks-A-Lot (I got them on Monday)? They are just so good. Thin Mints… they’re okay. Oddly, I remember them being better. =/ I really liked this one kind they had, Pinata cookies, but they don’t make them anymore around here. =(

Anyway, I was looking for cookies for a while, because I knew it was the season, and then my labmate’s boyfriend’s coworker was selling them for his daughter, so I was able to get them! I don’t usually support organizations, but I will probably always support Girl Scouts.

Next year, I might be able to just skip the Thin Mints altogether and just go for lots of Thanks-A-Lots.

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Internet Problems

My internet at home has been really spotty. It just goes off and then turns back on. Some times it doesn’t even turn back on and I have to reset the connection and it’ll work like nothing ever happened. I called the company and they said they can’t tell what’s wrong if it’s working, which means I have to wait until the internet is out for a long time and call them about it. =/

In happier news, I decided to spend a little money and bought a compact mirror!

It’s from a store called The Purple Cow. Yep, that’s right. Oddly, not the first time I’ve heard of the term “purple cow” but I have no idea where it stems from. Are purple cows just popular?

Anyway, now, with this new mirror, I can touch up my makeup without having to use my computer camera.

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Christmas Time Nails

This semester has been so stressful, and it’s all because of just 1 class! O_O And it’s still not over! O_o

To de-stress, again, I did my nails, while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

About the cheesy Christmas movie, they really do all have the same plot.

Romantic Christmas movie: Couple meets, don’t get along, some sort of odd coincidence brings them together, randomly falls in love, celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

Scrooge type movie: Mean person (sometimes they really aren’t that bad, they just don’t have Christmas cheer), gets shown the error of their ways, becomes crazy with Christmas spirit.

Christmas comedy: Either a materialistic or Scrooge character, lots of comedic action that leads to the character learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Children’s Christmas movie: Kid neglected or outcasted, tries to bring together everyone for Santa Claus, everyone learns about the meaning of Christmas.

What do all these have in common? They all end with finding the meaning of Christmas. What’s that? Something about joy, love, and giving. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I never tire of this plot. You could be watching 5 different movies, but you know how it’s going to end: Oh, the meaning of Christmas.

Here are my nails:

So, on Thanksgiving, CVS has this thing every year where you get super extra bucks. Ended up getting a year worth of toothpaste and toothbrushes for about 3 bucks. (MAJOR SCORE!) I also got these really cheap nail polishes for about $3 too.

So, usually, my nail polish chips in a couple of days, but not this one. I’m actually really impressed. You need to apply a couple of coats though to get the color, but I’m okay with that. Also, the names are puns on TV shows; there’s “Everybody Loves Redmond,” “The Gold and the Beautiful,” and “SaGreena the Teenage Witch.” =)

Stuck on Gifting

My sister’s birthday is fast approaching, but she told me not to go home for her birthday. She has a lot of work and tests to study for. So, I won’t be going home until Thanksgiving. This is possibly an advantage, because it means I don’t need to give her a gift until then.

However, I have no idea what to get her. I called her yesterday to ask what she wanted. It’s much easier to just know and hunt for it when you don’t have a lot of time. I don’t have a lot of time right now, so just tell me what you want so I don’t have to something extra to think about! How did that conversation go?

Me: What do you want for your birthday?
Sis: I can’t tell you that!
Me: Why?
Sis: Because you’re suppose to think about it yourself.
Me: So, basically, you don’t know what you want, right?
Sis: I just can’t tell you. It’s your own idea.
Me: Is there something you’ve been wanting? Maybe some sort of hint or general direction?
Sis: Nope!

This was how the conversation played out. I totally didn’t gain any knowledge about that.

On the plus side, since I have until Thanksgiving, I just wait til I have more time so I can hit up some stores. I haven’t been like “girlie shopping” in so long. The last time I went shopping was to buy sunglasses, but that wasn’t “girlie shopping.”

Girlie shopping– going shopping for the sake of shopping; shopping when you don’t have anything in mind to buy

I don’t really know what my sister likes. Because we don’t live together anymore and rarely see each other, I don’t really know what she’s into. I was thinking maybe getting her some clothes, but her tastes in clothes are completely different from mine, so I usually but something I like, but she doesn’t really like it. Maybe I should just get something I don’t like, and she’ll like it? If that fails, I’ll probably get her a Glee CD, since she loves that show so much. Or a win-win, Glee related clothes? Ha ha, no, I think in that aspect she’s like me- we don’t like clothes that advertise stuff like that.

The most important thing, right now, is to make it a simple gift, so I don’t have to worry about topping myself next year. =)

Hot & Spicy with my sunglasses on

It seems that every two years or so, I break my sunglasses. The plastic just snaps in half for no reason. It’s always around the end of summer, every two years. I should just expect it now.

So, yesterday, I decided to go hunt for some new sunglasses since the sun is really blinding when you’re driving during sunrise and sunset hours. I guess, I do drive during these times often and often in the direction of the sun. It’s dangerous! Really dangerous!

I got these:

They’re black, as always. Interestingly, I like black sunglasses, and I like big sunglasses. I like the cute jewel design on the sides, which all my past sunglasses seem to have also. Wow, it seems I just buy the same pair every time.

Well, now I won’t be blinded by the sun… as much.

Also, while on my quest for sunglasses, these were on sale, so I bought them.

It’s not lying when it says Hot n Spicy. It’s damn spicy. Usually when snacks like this say “spicy” or something similar, they’re really not. With these, I just end up coughing and chugging water. Amazing! You should try it out. They were definitely worth the $1 I spent on them! =) These go in my top favorite snacks.

Some times we just WANT

What do I want? I want a pair of $1000 shoes.

Not because I NEED them. Nope, it’s because I find they’re really attractive, and for some reason if I see someone wearing them, they become like 10x hotter. Louboutins. A nice pair of black heels from Christian Louboutin.

I’m crazy. I know it. What normal, everyday blue collar type of person would spend so much on shoes? But I can’t stop thinking about them. This is so stupid. I’m so dumb. I can’t be worrying about wanting these shoes.

Hell, my shoes are $30 tops and most of my clothes are less than $20! Now, suddenly, I want these $1000 shoes. That’s like 500x my usual price!

Why did I suddenly think of this? It’s because I’m looking at my shoes now, and they’re all getting old. I need some new shoes. Shoe shopping anyone? What’s more interesting is that usually all I wear are sneakers. My “pretty” shoes aren’t so pretty anymore. Definitely a lot of wear and tear. I’m not sure how my problems will be solved by buying Louboutins, but somehow maybe this just means I want new shoes.

Maybe I’m sick of wearing sneakers everyday. The SAME sneakers everyday. I should invest in some everyday shoes that aren’t sneakers. Gah, some times my female mind is so stupid I don’t know what to do with myself.

Girl time!

Ha ha, some times I can’t help it. I’m a girl. I like make-up (that’s the whole reason I’m studying chemistry!). =P So, if you don’t care, just ignore this post!

Usually, I only do eye make-up to make my eyes seem bigger, because my eyes are monolids. But I found this really sweet lipstick color, and I’ve become totally obsessed with it. Most of the time I use a lip color that matches my lips, otherwise I’d just use bright red. However, I’ve manage to find a color that is a nice subtle pinkish color that isn’t disgusting (by disgusting I mean Barbie pink)!

This is my "What the hell?" face

Isn’t it great? Ha ha. I’m a big fan of subtle color. (That’s why my other lipsticks usually match my lips!)

This is Maybelline’s “Warm Me Up” #235 from their Color Sensational line. This color is changing my opinion about my ability to use lip color. Ha ha, maybe I should be a spokesperson instead of a chemist. XD