This Means War

Watched it! Thought it was very funny. I know that it got low reviews, but it’s not about the story, it’s about the humor. The jokes in the trailer were still funny when you watched this movie, and unlike some other trailers, there were other jokes in the movie. =) Even my boyfriend was laughing at parts.

I loved the paintball scene, btw. 😉


Movies About Kids With Superpowers but Messed Up

Besides watching the Superbowl (…grumble….) this weekend, I also watched Chronicle!

It was spectacular! To summarize, there are three high school guys and they find something and get telekinetic powers. Each boy represents a different type of personality.

The way the movie is shot is great. All the cameras in the movie are supposed to be an actual camera in the movie. What I mean is, one of the boys always carries around a camera, and the entire movie is from his camera’s perspective. I think from that sort of idea and also that the actors are pretty much unknowns make  it seem like a really cheap movie, but actually it’s probably not. The effects are really great. I could almost believe that this was real.

My one problem with this ending is that it’s a tragedy, and I wasn’t really expecting it to be. So be warned! Otherwise, it’s awesome! 🙂

Hugo! He really needs a key!

Martin Scorsese makes a family film?!

That key is the key to the whole movie! Ha ha.. okay, bad pun. Anyway, I haven’t read this book, but it might have been better. This movie isn’t that bad, but the writers tried to put all these other characters for a bit of color. It wasn’t important color, and it wasn’t even that great of color. If it were a book, I think the flow better, instead of watching these scenes that seemed forced. It was watching a bunch of 2D characters stay 2D without a purpose.

Now, if they cut that out, the movie would be better. The main plot was actually pretty good. If you watched the trailer, the second half of the movie is a complete surprise. Again, I’m not sure if it’s the editing of this film, but it just seemed poorly executed. There are some obvious cuts in this film, like the chair was in one spot, and then it was in another in the next shot.

The best part of the film is the acting of the main characters. I was surprised Jude Law was in it for a couple of scenes. I didn’t remember him from the trailers. =/ The boy who plays Hugo is very cute, and he plays the character really well. (Side note: he’s been cast as Ender in “Ender’s Game” and I think he’ll fit the role perfect.) The only “color” character that I liked was the somewhat funny Sacha Baron Cohen’s character. He played it really well, and there’s minor development with him.

So, they marketed this film as a family film, and besides having children as the main characters, it’s not what I would say is a family film. I think a lot of kids might find this boring. Kids might like the minor characters better, and adults might enjoy the main plot.

I wouldn’t rate this movie more than average. =/

Christmas Time Nails

This semester has been so stressful, and it’s all because of just 1 class! O_O And it’s still not over! O_o

To de-stress, again, I did my nails, while watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

About the cheesy Christmas movie, they really do all have the same plot.

Romantic Christmas movie: Couple meets, don’t get along, some sort of odd coincidence brings them together, randomly falls in love, celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

Scrooge type movie: Mean person (sometimes they really aren’t that bad, they just don’t have Christmas cheer), gets shown the error of their ways, becomes crazy with Christmas spirit.

Christmas comedy: Either a materialistic or Scrooge character, lots of comedic action that leads to the character learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Children’s Christmas movie: Kid neglected or outcasted, tries to bring together everyone for Santa Claus, everyone learns about the meaning of Christmas.

What do all these have in common? They all end with finding the meaning of Christmas. What’s that? Something about joy, love, and giving. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I never tire of this plot. You could be watching 5 different movies, but you know how it’s going to end: Oh, the meaning of Christmas.

Here are my nails:

So, on Thanksgiving, CVS has this thing every year where you get super extra bucks. Ended up getting a year worth of toothpaste and toothbrushes for about 3 bucks. (MAJOR SCORE!) I also got these really cheap nail polishes for about $3 too.

So, usually, my nail polish chips in a couple of days, but not this one. I’m actually really impressed. You need to apply a couple of coats though to get the color, but I’m okay with that. Also, the names are puns on TV shows; there’s “Everybody Loves Redmond,” “The Gold and the Beautiful,” and “SaGreena the Teenage Witch.” =)

Skyline.. HA HA HA!

Bad movie review time! ^.^b Woo!

Skyline is BAD! There’s really no point to this movie. There are people and suddenly there’s an alien invasion. That’s the entire movie. The effects are cool and it’s really pretty, but the story was terrible. What exactly was wrong with this movie?

1. The whole movie is “What are we going to do?” “What should we do?” “Should we do this?” “Let do this.” “Let’s not do this.”

2. There are things that are touched upon for no reason, like people’s personal lives and drama, but none of it really matters at all. Don’t try to develop storylines if nothing is going to be made of it anyway.

3. Nothing is explained.

4. What happened at the end?! The movie just ended. IT JUST ENDED. This thing happens, then suddenly, CUT! There’s no real conclusion.

Definitely save your money with this movie. It’s so bad. Not worth it!

Ong Bak 2… beautifully bad.

Okay! So, while I’m taking a break from my P-Chem studying, it’s a good time to go over this movie I watched the other day. Ong Bak 2!

This movie has absolutely nothing to do with the first Ong Bak. The only similarity is Tony Jaa’s in it and he’s fighting. While the first one takes place in modern times, this one is in ancient times. Let’s just get right into how captivating this movie is.

1. It’s beautiful. The colors and the angles and the fighting and the costumes and the scenery and everything. BEAUTIFUL.

2. The plot is “meh” but it’s an action movie. What do you expect, right?

3. There may have been too much slow-mo. They really over did it. Although, I agree that an action film should definitely have slow motion, because one of the key elements of action movies is how they’re paced. It’s cool to see fighting in slow-mo sometimes, like maybe for the final blow or for a really hard hit, but entire fights do not need to be in slow-mo. Fights should be fast paced and like, “bang, bang bang,” you know?

4. What the hell was the point of her?

She’s the most useless character I’ve ever seen. She’s never developed. She’s just eye candy. And she’s not just eye candy like in other action movies, such as James Bond, where he at least gets the girl, the main character played by Tony Jaa, doesn’t even notice her for like the entire film. Once he’s on his streak of revenge, he’s in a fight and that’s it: he’s fight, with this girl in the room, and he doesn’t even care. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE EVEN DOING IN THIS MOVIE? (I always get pissed when there are useless women in movies, don’t I?)

5. The ending was the worst. It just ended. Just bang, THE END! Although, I did my research and there’s going to be a sequel which will continue with this story. Ong Bak 3, coming in January 2011 to Thailand. I’ll definitely watch that one, because A) what kind of ending was that? B) The fights will probably be amazing as usual.


A lot of people I knew were raving for a long time about The Hangover. In fact, that whole quote about the lone wolf, it’s from that movie. I never knew!

Anyway, I finally watched it.

Now, I finally understand all the references. It’s about time, I suppose.

Did I like this movie? Well… this movie isn’t really my type of humor, but it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t say it sucks. It was very interesting humor; it dragged a little towards the end; and it was definitely had it’s high points.

I set the bar extremely low for this movie. Like really low. Not as bad as Twilight, but probably as low as a Will Ferrel movie. So, here are the points about this movie:

1. It’s a little crazy. I like how it was kind of a detective story when they’re figuring out what happened to them last night.

2. Towards the middle-end it was getting a bit long. Not sure if it was because I was sleepy, or because it was actually dragging.

3. Ken Jeong always plays the same character, doesn’t he?

4. That lone wolf/wolf pack quote is truly amazing. In context of the movie, it is even more amazing. =)

5. It was actually a lot tamer than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a really crude comedy, but actually, even though some jokes were pretty crude, it was also a smarter crude comedy. I didn’t know it was possible, but it is. Impressed.

6. In the picture above, the guy who looks like he’s in a lot of pain with the towel, he’s my favorite character. His story is the most interesting. Love it!

I would definitely recommend watching this, just so you can understand when people are quoting the movie. It’s also mildly entertaining, except for the portion I mentioned. Not my favorite, probably wouldn’t watch it again, but glad I got to see it for the wolf pack quote. That’s made it worth my time. d^_^b Two thumbs up for the quote!

The Town with Ben Affleck

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about movies. I guess since my film class ended, I don’t watch as many movies. Actually, this summer I saw a few movies, so I’ll write about them eventually.

Today will be about a movie I saw yesterday: The Town:

This poster is basically the movie

The movie is about bank robbers in Charlestown, Boston. Ben Affleck is a bank robber and John Hamm is an FBI agent going to catch him. The story line is kind of obvious. There aren’t any extraordinary plot twists. Regardless, it played out nicely. Some points were a bit useless in my opinion, ie romance. Then again, I pretty much dislike romance when it isn’t a romance, know what I mean? Let’s go over some things:

1. Blake Lively in that movie, although her acting was pretty okay, was probably one of the most useless characters in the whole film! They just throw her in there, and she’s really not important until the end.

2. I pretty much wanted to watch this movie because it takes place in Boston. I’m such a sucker for the home team. 😉

3. Most of the movie is character development on Ben Affleck’s character. He’s the only character that really develops.

4. It’s a good crime drama, leaning more on the drama side than the crime.

5. Ben Affleck doesn’t suck this time! =)

You should see this movie if you like crime dramas. It’s like a less awesome version of The Departed.


I watched Inception yesterday. It’s a good movie overall, but the way the ending works, I’m not sure I like that. Actually, I don’t like that the movie ended and I don’t like how it ended.

It’s about unity, love, and peace…

… except when you’re battling. (No China talk today!) I’m talking about the documentary, Planet B-Boy.

Breakdancing is completely amazing. It’s such a great style! Ha ha, very exciting, don’t you think?

I’ve been trying to find this movie ever since it came out, but it was never in any of my local video rentals and the library didn’t have it. Finally, I was able to see it because Netflix has it on streaming (and I got a free trail to it!)

I thought it was going to be about the dancing, which it is, but they focus a lot on the people too and their backgrounds. It’s actually really fun to watch, because some of the stories were really nice. It’s worth it just for some of the stories, and how the parents react to their sons’ love for breakdancing.

The documentary actually focuses on 4 teams (US, Japan, Korea, and France) and their trip to the Battle of the Year 2005. By the way, Korea is amazing! Everyone has their unique flavor, but the Koreans are crazy.

Actually, my favorite was the Japanese team. They actually did a really good job. I liked the DJ theme and it was a really nice package overall. Watch!

I would definitely recommend watching this if you like breakdancing!