Raspberry Pie Lips?!

I’ve been super into lipcolor lately. Mostly because I’ve come to some realization that my eyes just don’t do shadow very well. 😦

I’ve never really been too into lipstick before, because my lips are super chapped most of the time. Revlon recently came out with a new line of lipsticks, “Colorburst Lip Butter,” and I wanted to test it out. Any time there’s “butter” in the name, wouldn’t you assume that means it’s hydrating?

Since I’ve tried some light pinks in the past, and they don’t seem to work to well (maybe I’ll show you some time), I decided to buy a darker pink color. I’m particular drawn to like a red wine color, but I didn’t want to get another lipstick of a similar color.

This is their raspberry pie.

Shot before work today. It is a nice color. Definitely not the same old red wine color, more red than pink. I did apply chapstick before the color, but still it’s been lasting a bit longer than other colors I’ve used. Overall, I approve, and might possibly go get another color from the same line. 🙂


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