Clean Those Safety Showers!

Part of my chemistry life is to work in a lab. For all non-lab people, in a lab, if you spill chemicals on you or somehow set yourself on fire, you will use the safety shower or eye wash.

You should always test these things regularly. Especially, the eye wash because that water is gonna go into your eyes! I usually check weekly for the eye wash. The water from the eye wash has this smell, as does the rest of the tap water in the building, but at least it’s clean-ish.

Today the safety people came around to test the safety shower. I think they do this about every 3-6 months (or that’s when I notice them).  What happened? Well, you know dirty water?

Of course, you know dirty water! The water from the shower started coming out black and brown with lots of dirt particles in it. While yes, this would still rinse the chemicals off you and you’d be fire free (depending on the chemical as some chemicals are even more flammable with water added), it’s really dirty water! Lesson of the day, check your eye washes and safety showers regularly! Or it’d be really gross!

Also, for more information on the dirty water vending machine, check out here and here. It’s a UNICEF project to gives kids clean water.


One comment on “Clean Those Safety Showers!

  1. We had to test our stuff too and the first time we did it, we were not expecting the dirty water at all. Well, we know the solution to this: if you choose to light yourself on fire or dump chemicals on yourself, bring a portable shower with you.

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