Movies About Kids With Superpowers but Messed Up

Besides watching the Superbowl (…grumble….) this weekend, I also watched Chronicle!

It was spectacular! To summarize, there are three high school guys and they find something and get telekinetic powers. Each boy represents a different type of personality.

The way the movie is shot is great. All the cameras in the movie are supposed to be an actual camera in the movie. What I mean is, one of the boys always carries around a camera, and the entire movie is from his camera’s perspective. I think from that sort of idea and also that the actors are pretty much unknowns make  it seem like a really cheap movie, but actually it’s probably not. The effects are really great. I could almost believe that this was real.

My one problem with this ending is that it’s a tragedy, and I wasn’t really expecting it to be. So be warned! Otherwise, it’s awesome! 🙂


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