Internet Problems

My internet at home has been really spotty. It just goes off and then turns back on. Some times it doesn’t even turn back on and I have to reset the connection and it’ll work like nothing ever happened. I called the company and they said they can’t tell what’s wrong if it’s working, which means I have to wait until the internet is out for a long time and call them about it. =/

In happier news, I decided to spend a little money and bought a compact mirror!

It’s from a store called The Purple Cow. Yep, that’s right. Oddly, not the first time I’ve heard of the term “purple cow” but I have no idea where it stems from. Are purple cows just popular?

Anyway, now, with this new mirror, I can touch up my makeup without having to use my computer camera.

By Hijinks Crochet Posted in goods

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