This can happen?!

For those who don’t understand the above picture, the Christmas Yooyu on the right is a pet. It was just hanging out in my inventory. I also carry around food in my inventory, which apparently pets in your inventory can randomly eat!  Not that it matters, because the item wasn’t worth that much. I’m just SUPER surprised that it can actually do that.

Wait, what? You play Neopets?

There are actually a lot of adult players…. I think. You know, unless they’re all lying. I sure hope they aren’t all lying. But Neopets is very fun. I’ve had that account for about 11 years. Some times it is a real pain in the ass for certain games and challenges, like when my mouse broke and was just using my laptop scroll thing. Do not play games with a laptop mouse-pad.

Anyway, today’s Friday and my advisor is gone. Leave a bit earlier? I think so.


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