Hugo! He really needs a key!

Martin Scorsese makes a family film?!

That key is the key to the whole movie! Ha ha.. okay, bad pun. Anyway, I haven’t read this book, but it might have been better. This movie isn’t that bad, but the writers tried to put all these other characters for a bit of color. It wasn’t important color, and it wasn’t even that great of color. If it were a book, I think the flow better, instead of watching these scenes that seemed forced. It was watching a bunch of 2D characters stay 2D without a purpose.

Now, if they cut that out, the movie would be better. The main plot was actually pretty good. If you watched the trailer, the second half of the movie is a complete surprise. Again, I’m not sure if it’s the editing of this film, but it just seemed poorly executed. There are some obvious cuts in this film, like the chair was in one spot, and then it was in another in the next shot.

The best part of the film is the acting of the main characters. I was surprised Jude Law was in it for a couple of scenes. I didn’t remember him from the trailers. =/ The boy who plays Hugo is very cute, and he plays the character really well. (Side note: he’s been cast as Ender in “Ender’s Game” and I think he’ll fit the role perfect.) The only “color” character that I liked was the somewhat funny Sacha Baron Cohen’s character. He played it really well, and there’s minor development with him.

So, they marketed this film as a family film, and besides having children as the main characters, it’s not what I would say is a family film. I think a lot of kids might find this boring. Kids might like the minor characters better, and adults might enjoy the main plot.

I wouldn’t rate this movie more than average. =/


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