Phone Calls Late at Night

Woke up this fine morning to find two missed calls and a voicemail from my mom. It must have been really urgent, or she accidentally dialed the second time. So, I listen to the voicemail, and it seems that my advisor had called her.

Her message, “Hi. It’s mom. I don’t know what happened, but Dr. __ just called. It sounds important. Are you okay? Call him back, NOW.”

So, I called my mom back this morning. Apparently, she was asleep when my advisor called, and then couldn’t fall asleep after that because since someone was looking for me, I was “missing.”

What if I’d been kidnapped? Or just disappeared?

No, it was nothing of the sort. I was just sleeping, and my advisor called at an unusually late time, most likely because there’s a deadline today and he need some info.

  This is an important lesson: Never call a mother asking where someone is, because they’ll start worrying.


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