It’s decided! I am going to rework my wardrobe. Clearly, my current wardrobe lacks something, because all I ever really wear is some shirt (given, I think they’re nice shirts) with jeans. Mostly, I’m a little sick of the formula. Top + Jeans = Outfit of the Day.

So, that’s why I’ve decided to redo my wardrobe! Currently though, I am can only manage to spend $100 tops on any such shopping spree, which some might say isn’t much when reworking a wardrobe. However, I say back, I’ll make it work!

I’ve come to realize that when going through my closet, I am usually able to dig up something that I got bored with and am able to start making new outfits with it again. It also allows me to see what clothes I do have, what may look good with this, and what I would never wear again. Then from my small budget, I can find what I need.

I’m still looking for the little black dress….

By Hijinks Crochet Posted in personal

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