The parents are visiting. It’s crazy. It’s annoying, because I just want to do the things to want to do (aka work in the lab, make cookies, and sleep) on the weekend, but now I have to entertain them. The more annoying part is that they never can tell me the exact time they are going to be arriving- and only if the weather is good, they’ll visit. This way, I can’t plan for them.

If I plan for them to be here, then I’ll spend most of the day just waiting.

If I plan for them to not be here, then if they do arrive I might be busy doing something else and can’t work around them.

It’s not like lab work is sitting in front of a spreadsheet. I can’t just save the document, and do something else. If I am in the middle of an experiment, then I’m in the middle. There is no pause button!

They were suppose to visit last weekend, but it was raining too hard. The part that made me pretty angry was when said it was going to stop raining for about an hour. Due to this, my parents could not tell me if they would come until noon that day. So, I’m in lab, doing some experiments, not sure if I can continue to the next time (it’s a time based experimental process), because I didn’t know if they would come around. I keep asking them to be more specific, but they just can’t do it. It drives me crazy!!


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