Summer time!

Hello there!

It’s summer time…. and the most exciting thing I’ve done so far has been attending a wedding, eating at Five Guys (great food, btw), and discovering Doctor Who (the new series). Other than that, I’ve been working in the lab, cleaning house, and just living.

First, the wedding was good, because the food was good, and it was an open bar. My boyfriend… well, let’s not talk about that. Anyway, it was like 95 degrees outside, and the wedding was outside, in the sun at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It was hot and sweaty. I can’t believe guys have to wear suits! >.< The wedding was kind of an all weekend affair, because it was at Club Getaway and most of the wedding guests stayed the entire weekend. It was fun. They have lots of activities, like bike riding, cooking classes, and a lake to sunbathe/swim. Their lunch was excellent, but not so much dinner. The price includes the meals. We stayed in a nice cabin, which was thankfully air conditioned (it was just so hot!)

Next, I went to Five Guys. I love Five Guys. They are so bad for you, but taste so good!!

Finally, I discovered Doctor Who. It’s a great show actually. I’ve actually just finished the run with David Tennet. Only 13 more episodes, and I’ve finished everything on Netflix. It’s such a good show! I know BBC America is showing the new series now, so I guess I’ll probably have to wait a while before Netflix has that. Does anyone know how long it usually takes?


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