Another Poster Presentation

Here we go again!

This time, though, I decided to put myself through this torture. I heard about this conference and asked my adviser if he thought it was suitable. From there, I wrote an abstract, and it was accepted…. Why did I decide this? Cause it looks good on the resume and I need more experience with this kind of thing.

So, here I am again, preparing a poster talk. Making slides on Powerpoint. Clicking on pictures. Rearranging things. This better be a damn good poster. I am so sick of spending so much time on these things, and not getting anything in return.

I have to say though, I don’t like posters that are all just text. Who’s going to stand around to read that? Don’t you have to be attracted to something one that poster? On that note, I also don’t like posters that are just pictures who no descriptions.

A good poster has enough pictures to clearly convey what you want to show and attract viewers, and enough words to describe to other what’s going on if you are physically not there to describe it.


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