Oh, wow, you’re here!

Long time no see forum! Right… because I know the only “people” who read this are spam bots. Oh, well, can’t deny a girl from writing about crap that no one cares about. At least, it’s not some angst crap.

Anyway, life has been annoying. There is a lot of work to do and work is all I really do. Except on weekends, where I do not so mundane things, like breath outdoor air, sleep, and see a very handsome man. 😉

One recent weekend, I visited IKEA, a furniture store- for the people who don’t know what IKEA is. It was my first time visiting one, and it was a very …interesting… experience we’ll say. Um.. okay, maybe it was just suck. I mean, who would design a store like that? It’s a one way street. Why is there a store that’s just a one way street? It kind of reminds me of the supermarket check out line, except a lot longer.

Why a supermarket check out line? Well, you see, a supermarket check out line has a lot of magazine and gum and candies and all that stuff for impulse buyers. You wait in line at the supermarket, and suddenly you buy that magazine that has the cover just staring at you the whole time you were in line. IKEA is kind of like that. You’re waiting in line to buy that one piece of furniture you actually want, then you get it, and then you’re waiting in line again to check out. All that other furniture you have to walk by is basically the magazines and gum and candies in a supermarket check out line.

While it is kind of a good marking idea, why would you do that? Waste of time to walk through the entire store! It is actually much easier to just walk to the section you want and walk out. Thanks.


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