F-Words: Finals and Food

It’s finals. I thought that last semester might be the last time I stressed about finals, but I was wrong. Graduate school is just as stressful. Usually during finals, although, I don’t like to admit it, but I forget to eat and drink. =/

It’s just that, instead of my usual class schedule, I have a new studying/finals schedule. This change, plus the stress, causes me to not feel hungry or thirsty, so I just forget to eat and drink.

Hopefully, it’ll be okay after this.

Speaking of food, I helped to proctor an exam today and the professor bought me a muffin. It was a carrot-mango muffin. It’s a strange combo actually. I wonder who decided that these two things should go together. It was a very tasty muffin, but who would have thought, right?

The only thing that would make me ever want to group them is because they’re both yellow/orange in color. That’s it. Regardless, I have no idea where he bought this strange mixture of a muffin, but I should have asked. Maybe I was just hungry, because I haven’t been eating properly, or maybe it was really just that good. =)


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