Being Behind…

Even though I said I was going to do all this work over Thanksgiving, I didn’t do much at all. I had a whole plan worked out, but because of a lot of unforeseen things, it didn’t work out too well….

1. My sister wanted to go shopping on Wednesday, instead of Friday (which sounds like a much better idea), so we went.

2. Thanksgiving was an all day affair.

3. This would have been my work day, but I ended up in the ER and became violently ill and couldn’t focus on any work. =/

4. My mom wanted to spend time together on Saturday and then I already made previous plans to go out with a friend.

5. I came back on Sunday.

So, what did I want to do over this break?
a. Presentation summaries
b. 10 page paper
c. P-Chem homework
d. Inorganic work

What did I actually accomplish?
a. Presentation summaries

So, now, I’m going to work on all this other stuff. Woo~

How am I going to do this?
Write some paper –> Get sick of it –> P-chem HW –> Write more paper –> Get sick of it –> Read some inorganic –> Get bored –> Write more paper… etc.

When writing a 10 page paper, I like to employ tricks to make the writing process easier and hopefully, the length will just fall into place. What do I do? I make the font size 10 and keep it single spaced. However, this time, the paper is single spaced, so it doesn’t help too much….

Well, let’s go go go! =====>>>>>

By Hijinks Crochet Posted in school

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