Skyline.. HA HA HA!

Bad movie review time! ^.^b Woo!

Skyline is BAD! There’s really no point to this movie. There are people and suddenly there’s an alien invasion. That’s the entire movie. The effects are cool and it’s really pretty, but the story was terrible. What exactly was wrong with this movie?

1. The whole movie is “What are we going to do?” “What should we do?” “Should we do this?” “Let do this.” “Let’s not do this.”

2. There are things that are touched upon for no reason, like people’s personal lives and drama, but none of it really matters at all. Don’t try to develop storylines if nothing is going to be made of it anyway.

3. Nothing is explained.

4. What happened at the end?! The movie just ended. IT JUST ENDED. This thing happens, then suddenly, CUT! There’s no real conclusion.

Definitely save your money with this movie. It’s so bad. Not worth it!


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