This is only the start of the week.

This weekend will be crazy. Work I want to get done by next Monday:

– Chemistry presentation

– Half of my 10 page paper

– All my grading

– Revised proposal & personal statement for the fellowship

When I stress about these things, get really upset when I listen sad ballads. The problem is most of my music is sad ballads, because every other time of year of I love them. I like listening to people sing about their sad lost loves and death. I need to find some music to get me pumped up and relaxed that’s not a sad ballad. Usually, I try to find some metal/heavy rock music on Youtube, since I don’t own any albums.

I need to get that Disturbed album I like so much, and maybe a Marilyn Manson album too, just so I have better “don’t stress out too much” music for when I get like this.

I’m going to do this. I can do this! Let’s do this thing!

Fight Fight Fight!

Today is a day that I can do this. Everyday is a step in the right direction!


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