Hot & Spicy with my sunglasses on

It seems that every two years or so, I break my sunglasses. The plastic just snaps in half for no reason. It’s always around the end of summer, every two years. I should just expect it now.

So, yesterday, I decided to go hunt for some new sunglasses since the sun is really blinding when you’re driving during sunrise and sunset hours. I guess, I do drive during these times often and often in the direction of the sun. It’s dangerous! Really dangerous!

I got these:

They’re black, as always. Interestingly, I like black sunglasses, and I like big sunglasses. I like the cute jewel design on the sides, which all my past sunglasses seem to have also. Wow, it seems I just buy the same pair every time.

Well, now I won’t be blinded by the sun… as much.

Also, while on my quest for sunglasses, these were on sale, so I bought them.

It’s not lying when it says Hot n Spicy. It’s damn spicy. Usually when snacks like this say “spicy” or something similar, they’re really not. With these, I just end up coughing and chugging water. Amazing! You should try it out. They were definitely worth the $1 I spent on them! =) These go in my top favorite snacks.


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