Some times we just WANT

What do I want? I want a pair of $1000 shoes.

Not because I NEED them. Nope, it’s because I find they’re really attractive, and for some reason if I see someone wearing them, they become like 10x hotter. Louboutins. A nice pair of black heels from Christian Louboutin.

I’m crazy. I know it. What normal, everyday blue collar type of person would spend so much on shoes? But I can’t stop thinking about them. This is so stupid. I’m so dumb. I can’t be worrying about wanting these shoes.

Hell, my shoes are $30 tops and most of my clothes are less than $20! Now, suddenly, I want these $1000 shoes. That’s like 500x my usual price!

Why did I suddenly think of this? It’s because I’m looking at my shoes now, and they’re all getting old. I need some new shoes. Shoe shopping anyone? What’s more interesting is that usually all I wear are sneakers. My “pretty” shoes aren’t so pretty anymore. Definitely a lot of wear and tear. I’m not sure how my problems will be solved by buying Louboutins, but somehow maybe this just means I want new shoes.

Maybe I’m sick of wearing sneakers everyday. The SAME sneakers everyday. I should invest in some everyday shoes that aren’t sneakers. Gah, some times my female mind is so stupid I don’t know what to do with myself.


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