My Mother, The Gossip

The witch will turn 47 this weekend. Happy birthday, mom!

Seriously though, the reason I’m always trying to watch what I say is because of this woman.

I can tell her something like, “I got really drunk at the party the other day, so I couldn’t call you. Sorry.”

She will then go and tell everyone she knows that I got really drunk at a party.

Thanks, Mom.

You would think mothers only brag about their child’s accomplishments. Wrong.

Anyway, I started to stop telling her a lot of things. I don’t really tell her anything important at all. She’s nosy. Asking me things about my friends that I don’t really care about. She’s trying to get the dirt on everyone. It really annoys me.

Why do you care if my friends are single? Why do you care what kind of stores we go to shop in? Why do you care what kind of car they drive? Why do you care what we ate?

Basically, when I call her or she calls me, I just talk about how much work I have to do, so she’ll let me go sooner. Just shut up in front of my mom and it’s fine. It’s probably because of this that she thinks I barely have friends (which is sort of true) and don’t really do anything. Nope, it’s just because I don’t want to tell you and have you tell everyone else. It’s not that I do anything bad; it’s just that I don’t want my business passed around to people I don’t know.

Like this weekend I’m meeting my friend, and yes, she’s already told people. Don’t share anything.


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