Ong Bak 2… beautifully bad.

Okay! So, while I’m taking a break from my P-Chem studying, it’s a good time to go over this movie I watched the other day. Ong Bak 2!

This movie has absolutely nothing to do with the first Ong Bak. The only similarity is Tony Jaa’s in it and he’s fighting. While the first one takes place in modern times, this one is in ancient times. Let’s just get right into how captivating this movie is.

1. It’s beautiful. The colors and the angles and the fighting and the costumes and the scenery and everything. BEAUTIFUL.

2. The plot is “meh” but it’s an action movie. What do you expect, right?

3. There may have been too much slow-mo. They really over did it. Although, I agree that an action film should definitely have slow motion, because one of the key elements of action movies is how they’re paced. It’s cool to see fighting in slow-mo sometimes, like maybe for the final blow or for a really hard hit, but entire fights do not need to be in slow-mo. Fights should be fast paced and like, “bang, bang bang,” you know?

4. What the hell was the point of her?

She’s the most useless character I’ve ever seen. She’s never developed. She’s just eye candy. And she’s not just eye candy like in other action movies, such as James Bond, where he at least gets the girl, the main character played by Tony Jaa, doesn’t even notice her for like the entire film. Once he’s on his streak of revenge, he’s in a fight and that’s it: he’s fight, with this girl in the room, and he doesn’t even care. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE EVEN DOING IN THIS MOVIE? (I always get pissed when there are useless women in movies, don’t I?)

5. The ending was the worst. It just ended. Just bang, THE END! Although, I did my research and there’s going to be a sequel which will continue with this story. Ong Bak 3, coming in January 2011 to Thailand. I’ll definitely watch that one, because A) what kind of ending was that? B) The fights will probably be amazing as usual.


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