A lot of people I knew were raving for a long time about The Hangover. In fact, that whole quote about the lone wolf, it’s from that movie. I never knew!

Anyway, I finally watched it.

Now, I finally understand all the references. It’s about time, I suppose.

Did I like this movie? Well… this movie isn’t really my type of humor, but it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t say it sucks. It was very interesting humor; it dragged a little towards the end; and it was definitely had it’s high points.

I set the bar extremely low for this movie. Like really low. Not as bad as Twilight, but probably as low as a Will Ferrel movie. So, here are the points about this movie:

1. It’s a little crazy. I like how it was kind of a detective story when they’re figuring out what happened to them last night.

2. Towards the middle-end it was getting a bit long. Not sure if it was because I was sleepy, or because it was actually dragging.

3. Ken Jeong always plays the same character, doesn’t he?

4. That lone wolf/wolf pack quote is truly amazing. In context of the movie, it is even more amazing. =)

5. It was actually a lot tamer than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a really crude comedy, but actually, even though some jokes were pretty crude, it was also a smarter crude comedy. I didn’t know it was possible, but it is. Impressed.

6. In the picture above, the guy who looks like he’s in a lot of pain with the towel, he’s my favorite character. His story is the most interesting. Love it!

I would definitely recommend watching this, just so you can understand when people are quoting the movie. It’s also mildly entertaining, except for the portion I mentioned. Not my favorite, probably wouldn’t watch it again, but glad I got to see it for the wolf pack quote. That’s made it worth my time. d^_^b Two thumbs up for the quote!


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