Early Morning Fun

I woke up at 6AM this morning. Usually I try to fall back to sleep. FAIL.

So, what does one do so early in the morning? I did P-Chem homework. Now I’m getting worried about the exam. Panic might start soon. I have no idea how to study for this.

Last time I took P-Chem, my professor let us have an equation sheet and it was awesome, because we could write whatever we wanted on it. He was the type of professor who said stuff like, “THIS IS GOING TO BE ON THE EXAM.” So, since I knew exactly what was going to be on the exam, I just copied those parts down. Now, did I learn anything? Yeah, I think, I did the best in that class compared to all my other chemistry classes.

I think I’ll just memorize a bunch of formulas and go over the homework for this class. I don’t know what else to do.

Oh, so there’s a cam on my laptop. I was wondering what the circle thing at the top there was, and it’s a camera. Then I wondered, “Don’t I need a program for this?” Apparently, it comes with one! I’m so technology stupid. I was messing around with it.

Good morning, no make-up FTW.

Huh, you now also get to see my unmade bed. Usually I make it, but I’m kinda lazy today. Homework wore me out. By the way, I don’t have a desk, because my room is so small, so I use a TV-dinner table, and sit at the edge of my bed. Some times I get annoyed, because I can’t lean back.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, which was that it’s Sunday morning. I woke up so early on Sunday morning. There’s nothing happening so early. Especially on Sundays. What time does the supermarket open?

Pretty soon I might be like my grandparents who wake up at like 5AM, because they can, and then don’t really do anything because there’s seriously nothing to do this early.

I don’t know how I managed to stay up til 12AM and sleep til like 9AM last year. Why am I suddenly so freaking tired? Like all the time? I’m back on my high school time schedule, except this time I can actually wake up without my alarm at 6AM. What the hell is up with that?

Okay, so I just checked and the supermarket opens at 8AM on Sundays. Unless the website is lying to me, but I’ll put faith in it this time. Walmart also opens at 8AM, so can swing by there too.

Oh, wait, then that whole trip will probably take about 1.5 hours tops. What will I do the rest of the day? Study P-Chem, maybe eat? Hm… I have that project too. And writing my proposal. Alright! I guess, I do have stuff to do. Great!

This whole post was internal monologue, is that what it’s called? (Tangent! Tangent! Who am I kidding? This whole post was a tangent.) Actually, what’s that thing called when it’s like a train of thought? Maybe it is internal monologue. I haven’t taken an English class in a while where we discuss these types of English literature conventions. Okay, okay, I’m going to stop typing out loud my inner thoughts, and just leave for the supermarket now.


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