Super Angry Dream

Last night, or this morning rather, I had a dream. My favorite story so far. Perhaps, it means I’m stressed?

I got a job at this company. We’re doing some donation thing, where people donate name brand items and we auction it off. So, I’m working, and one of my coworkers comes up to me and asks to get some coffee. So, we become friends.

I decided I’m going to donate some stuff. Another coworker looks at the stuff I’m donating and says, “Why are you giving those away? Why are you even working here?”

I reply, “Because this job is way better than being a cashier or waiting tables.”

She stalks away, with her 5″ heels clicking away.

Later that night, I’m out with my friend and we’re chatting. I realize I forgot something and we go back to the company.

When I get back, I see Miss Heels wearing the stuff I donated, and that I’ve been accused of something that made absolutely no sense why I would be accused of this. I turn to my friend to back me up, because I clearly wasn’t there when the thing happened. She doesn’t back me up. Everyone starts to accuse me.

Of course, I get really angry, and basically start screaming and yelling at everyone. Then in my fit, I burn down the company.

Then I woke up. šŸ™‚


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