It’s a good thing I don’t curse

If I were one of those people who cursed every time they became overly excited, then this post would be dropping f-bombs like some motherfucking insane atomic bomb. 😉

So, today, I found 2 randomly awesome things.


Yes. That’s right. A Michael Jackson MMO.

You may be asking, what’s a MMO? Well, have you heard of WoW, aka World of Warcraft? That’s an MMO.

Who would play this? What the hell? Are you kidding me, SEE Virtual Worlds? Seriously, this has to be the greatest joke ever.

I mean, Michael Jackson had some good songs, but a game! A GAME. That’s like the Hannah Montana game!

If you still think I’m kidding, here’s an article:


I wish this were real. I know, I know. The Dragonball movie sucked ass. As did the Street Fighter movies, and the Mario Bros (actually I kinda liked that one), and basically every live action adaptation was pretty bad. But admit it, you still watched those movies didn’t you?

The plot to this looks really interesting. Fandom at its best. I like the dark twist to Pokemon, which is usually all sunny and stuff.

A lot of people, though, think this is the worst thing ever, but come on, they don’t have a real studio budget, it’s pretty good in terms of that.


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