The Town with Ben Affleck

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about movies. I guess since my film class ended, I don’t watch as many movies. Actually, this summer I saw a few movies, so I’ll write about them eventually.

Today will be about a movie I saw yesterday: The Town:

This poster is basically the movie

The movie is about bank robbers in Charlestown, Boston. Ben Affleck is a bank robber and John Hamm is an FBI agent going to catch him. The story line is kind of obvious. There aren’t any extraordinary plot twists. Regardless, it played out nicely. Some points were a bit useless in my opinion, ie romance. Then again, I pretty much dislike romance when it isn’t a romance, know what I mean? Let’s go over some things:

1. Blake Lively in that movie, although her acting was pretty okay, was probably one of the most useless characters in the whole film! They just throw her in there, and she’s really not important until the end.

2. I pretty much wanted to watch this movie because it takes place in Boston. I’m such a sucker for the home team. 😉

3. Most of the movie is character development on Ben Affleck’s character. He’s the only character that really develops.

4. It’s a good crime drama, leaning more on the drama side than the crime.

5. Ben Affleck doesn’t suck this time! =)

You should see this movie if you like crime dramas. It’s like a less awesome version of The Departed.


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