Girl time!

Ha ha, some times I can’t help it. I’m a girl. I like make-up (that’s the whole reason I’m studying chemistry!). =P So, if you don’t care, just ignore this post!

Usually, I only do eye make-up to make my eyes seem bigger, because my eyes are monolids. But I found this really sweet lipstick color, and I’ve become totally obsessed with it. Most of the time I use a lip color that matches my lips, otherwise I’d just use bright red. However, I’ve manage to find a color that is a nice subtle pinkish color that isn’t disgusting (by disgusting I mean Barbie pink)!

This is my "What the hell?" face

Isn’t it great? Ha ha. I’m a big fan of subtle color. (That’s why my other lipsticks usually match my lips!)

This is Maybelline’s “Warm Me Up” #235 from their Color Sensational line. This color is changing my opinion about my ability to use lip color. Ha ha, maybe I should be a spokesperson instead of a chemist. XD


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