Words can’t describe them

My students in my lab sections are interesting. Today was the first experiment for them. It was a really simple one on density, but extremely tedious.

One of my sections is really quiet. They don’t really talk during the experiment. During the experiment you don’t hear anything except some whispering among them about how to do something.

My other section is really talkative. They comment about everything.

Both do their work really well. They certainly aren’t stupid. =) If I had to choose though, I like the talkative section more. At least, it’s more interesting when I’m walking around when they’re doing the experiment. It’s annoying when I’m talking to the class about something, and they’re talking too, though.

I have one more lab section left to do the first experiment with on Tuesday. I wonder how they’ll be like. Regardless, it’ll be an adventure. I know it.


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