It’s about time: Hong Kong

So, 4 months later, here is the final entry of my China trip. About freaking time, huh?

Hong Kong was actually really nice, but I was only there for about 2 days. Most of it spent with family that I don’t remember ever meeting. That’s probably the most annoying part of visiting places where you’ve got family. You just have to catch up with them, even though you really want to just sight-see and travel, but all they want is to go out to eat.

Anyway, my grandparents thought it would be fun to take me to an amusement park. I’m not sure why. I don’t really like them.

I actually did not go on to any rides. We watched a dolphin show and saw fish and pandas. Let me be honest, I am so sick of pandas. I just don’t care about them. They aren’t cute. People need to stop telling me they’re cute, because I don’t see it. Maybe a baby panda, but, dude, all babies are cute. Even maggots. I mean, they’re like little tiny rice that move.

The most interesting part of this park was the jellyfish. It’s because I find the way jellyfish move to be amusing. Sadly, I couldn’t take pictures inside the jellyfish exhibit, but they had these really cool jellyfish shaped plant structures!

Can you see the jellyfish?

After a whole day at an amusement park, my grandparents were dead tired. This was EXCELLENT. Why? Because the next day, the final day of the whole trip, I was able to spend alone wandering the streets of Hong Kong.

Best day of the whole trip!

Avenue of Stars

It might look nicer with better weather

So, it was rainy, but it was still awesome. Next time I want to visit China, I’m going to go incognito so I don’t have to see so many family members. It’ll be crazy.

Part 11/11 of China Adventures 2010


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