I’m probably a stupid teacher

So, on Friday was my first day teaching. For some reason, it worked out that I’m teaching back to back labs then. I don’t really mind, but it’s a bit tiring, a lot of talking.

I’m teaching all engineers, which as you can probably guess is majority of males. Why are males usually engineers? This is something I couldn’t tell you. It seems that the demographics are raising though (yay!). When my mom was studying engineering 20 years ago, in her class of 50, only 10 were female. There’s more these days I would think.

Anyway, with my high, squeaky voice reading slides about laboratory safety, I’m sure I was an extremely likable teacher. Har har har. It was really boring. Laboratory safety is really boring. It’s mostly: use common sense, don’t set things on fire on purpose, and follow the instructions.

Let’s see how this semester will turn out for us.


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