So, it starts.

Interestingly, even though my schedule is more relaxed, I still tend to freak out. It’s just the way I was programmed. Today begins the first day of school. Graduate school.

Sure, am I excited? Perhaps. Perhaps. There are a lot of feelings right now. I just need to sort it all out, along with my schedule and all that happy stuff. It’s going to be kind of a mess for the next two weeks, but let’s just keep fighting.

At least, it’s not like I’m working from 9-5, which I was over the summer. It’s way better.

Now I’m just going to be studying or TA-ing all the time. What is this social life? Ha ha, I hope I’ll have more of a social life than when I was an undergrad. Hopefully, I won’t be worrying about failing so much, that I’ll actually go out and do stuff. We’ll see.

On another note, I’ve moved from the flea house, and into a new house now. NO MORE FLEAS! I also checked to make sure everything was neat and tidy- so no fleas have migrated over. Right now, I’m rooming with some students and this old man. Luckily, he’s not a creepy old man. He reminds me of those men who go to my uncle’s restaurant every night to drink a couple of beers, because they have nothing better to do.


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