Flea Circus

Why would anyone ever want a flea circus? What’s what Chuckie had in Rugrats, right? I remember something about that. Anyway, fleas = evil.

In the house I’m renting now, the dog went to camp, so now the fleas have taken over the house!

I’ve been vacuuming twice a day, sometimes even 3 times. An exterminator came, but they have to come back again, because they’re more.

I even tried stupid tricks like salting the carpet, but it doesn’t seem to work.

The thing is you can’t squish fleas, so I’ve found that the best way to deal is when you find them on you, just tape them. I’ve been taping about 20-30 fleas a day on my legs. They just keep coming back.

So, I’ve been walking around the house armed with tape. Thankfully, I’ll be moving to a new residence at the end of the month, so just a few more days!!


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