Bai Yuan Shan (White Cloud Mountain)

Today I will return to my China trip blogging. It’s been some time since that last entry, huh? I was so distracted from with my translating! I’m happy to say that I have finished with that. =)

Now, next up is: Bai Yuan Shan!

It’s a really pretty place. Actually, it was my favorite place that I visited. It was really fun! Despite getting like 20 bug bites, it was super great! Ha ha ha. =)

I had to climb with my grandmother, so we were very slow. She always had to sit down, and when she realized that we couldn’t ride the cart up to the summit, I would see the worry being. Regardless, she was still willing to make it all the way to the top.

So, it’s not really tall, just 382 meters. It’s still great though.

The legend says that since Guangzhou is a huge city, all the “pure” air (like from trees and plants) all come from this mountain. I think it’s kind of a strange thought, but everyone there believes this. There are a lot of old people who go there everyday to walk around and breath this “pure” air. It has a healing ability they say. Their health has gotten better since they’ve been coming to the mountain everyday. I wonder if this type of thing is real? Could it? Maybe it’s just that they’re outside, getting sunlight, and exercising daily. It’s still right next to the city, so is the air really that much better? But there are a lot of trees…

Also, right next to this place is a really fun park! I forgot the name, but it’s right next door and there are a lots of really cute things in it (see below).

Part 10/11 in China Adventures 2010


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