Christina Aguilera is the New Bionic Woman

So, forget Lindsay Wagner or even the short lived 2007 series. We’re talking about THE Christina Aguilera. =)

I’m a huge fan of hers. Ha ha, mainly because back in the day, it was Britney vs Christina, and since Britney was always more popular….

Anyway, my birthday was last weekend, so I treated myself to her new album Bionic (The Deluxe version!). (It was also payday last weekend, and I probably would have bought it regardless of if it was my birthday or not.)

Apparently, it was her lowest selling album, but the music industry is kind of declining as a whole, don’t you think? =/

The rundown?

Overall: Unlike her previous album, her vocals are not as defined? I’m not really sure how to describe it, but maybe there’s too much “bionic” rather than biology? Ha ha, does that make sense? I guess, maybe sometimes the voice just doesn’t sound like her voice from Back to Basics or Stripped. There are of course really good songs on there, while others are also sort of forgetful or stick out really oddly, but overall, I love about 85% of this album.

Artwork: I’m sure nobody really cares about this, but personally, I thought it was a terrible photoshoot.

Track by track:

1. Bionic – I love this song. It’s probably my favorite, if not in my top three, on the album. The first line, “This is the moment that I take over your mind frame” is really great. I couldn’t help but smile. The lyrics are great and the beat is great. My favorite part is “Get ready to go.” Definitely a great first track.

2. Not Myself Tonight – When I heard this on the radio, I thought it was a really racy song. Then I thought, “This is Christina, duh.” I’ve probably heard it too much, since it was a single, but it’s still a good song.

3. Woohoo – It’s just “woohoo” repeated over and over. When she’s actually singing, great vocals, but WOOHOO! … Ugh. -_-

4. Elastic Love – It’s a cute song (love the lyrics!) and super catchy, but I think her vocals are too electric here.

5. Desnudate – Regardless of the idea of the song (get naked), it’s a good song. And the saxophone (maybe trumpet?) is amazing!

6/7. Love & Glamor/Glam – I love this song! I kind of wish this would be a single.

8. Prima Donna – There’s a lot of attitude in this song, which I love. Ha ha ha. =) The vocals in this song are really nice here too. VIP in this bitch!

9/10. Morning Dessert/Sex for Breakfast – For some reason, I feel like this song would work really well with her last album, Back to Basics. It’s a really sexy slow song. Ha ha ha.

11. Lift Me Up – And here we have the Linda Perry (ie. “Beautiful” & the entire Disc 2 on B2B) song of the album. It’s a really uplifting, hopeful song, and Christina sings it beautifully…as usual. =)

12/13. My Heart/All I Need – This is a really sweet song for her son. It’s realy soothing and I LOVE the musicbox/lullaby feel. It’s kind of gives you the feeling that you’re floating.

14. I Am – This is my favorite slow song on the whole album! There’s nothing else I can say.

15. You Lost Me – Now that I think about it, I really love her slow songs, because her voice is so beautiful. Once again, this song shows that. It’s about a breakup, even so, it’s don’t make me feel sad at all. Instead, it’s like coming out of a storm to see a really nice clear sky. You know that feeling?

16. I Hate Boys – We now return to the fast songs. This one is super catchy and I love the beat. The chorus is probably the best part of the song. It really makes you want to dance.

17. My Girls – Of course, if you’re going to have a boys song, you should have a girl song, right? Ha ha. Even though, it’s a really fun song, it just doesn’t sound like her!

18. Vanity – The lyrics to this song are really funny. Basically, she has a song about boys, girls, and, now, herself. 😉

19. Monday Morning – A really catchy, pop song. It has a great summer feeling, like when you’re driving with all the windows down. A good pick-me-up kind of song.

20. Bobblehead – What is up with this song? Okay, it’s a little funny, but ack… Pink did it so much better with “Stupid Girls.” Thank goodness it’s a bonus track.

21. Birds of Prey – It’s a really haunting song, but I still love it.

22. Stronger than Ever – This is really reminiscent of Stripped. Another personal ballad. =)

23. I Am (Stripped) – I love this version too! I would say the other one is better, but it’s a nice song to end the album.

Have you heard this album yet?!


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