More translations

Even though I don’t have a lot of time, I really want to finish these translations. Not because I have to. No one is paying me. I’m getting no materialistic reward from this. I just want to.

I wouldn’t say my Chinese is improving from doing this. Although, I do tend to remember the words that come up often, so maybe it is improving? Sometimes we can’t be too sure.

Also, it seems that I’m moving faster than expected. (Yay!) I’ve finished Ayumi’s Arena Tour 2008! (Yep! Finished 3 days before my goal date!)

Next up will be PCDL 08-09! Right now, I’ve got most of it. I hope to finish the translation by the 4th and then type it all up on Monday. Goal: 5th!

Actually, since I’m translating the subtitles instead of an insert in the booklet, it’s way easier. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m watching and the font is bigger. The only downside is I can only play the DVDs on my computer so I can’t type as I go. Also, I have to pause the DVD a lot, and some of the subtitles move really quickly. =/

After I finish PCDL, I hope to do AT09 NEXT LEVEL. Hopefully, I will finish that one by August 1st. I expect it to take longer because I have to go through a lot of MCs and stuff.

Also, if you’re wondering where I’m posting these translations, I am Catzi at! =) If you’re an Ayu fan, come join the party.


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