It’s all in the details

(This will mostly be a picture post.) When I talk about Chinese art, everyone is probably expecting this:

When you look at it, doesn’t it just scream “ASIAN” or “EASTERN CULTURE?” That may be so, but it’s actually way more impressive than this sort of thing.

Most of the really good stuff was inside some dark hall, so I wasn’t able to get pictures. Those good things include ships craved out of a single elephant task. (It’s illegal now, in case you’re thinking “poachers!” or something like that.) Also, jade structures. So many beautiful things.

The details are what make Chinese art so impressive.

First, you see this wall?

Looooooog wall

It’s a really long wall. The detailing of the scene are incredible. Can you just see it?!

Part of that wall

Everything is decorated to the slightest bits.

On the roof

It’s really easy to miss something like this! First, it’s on a roof in the corner. Most people are just looking at the doors and where they’re going. Who really looks up? Speaking of looking up:

It’s a really pretty ceiling! There are actually better ones, but whatever Sistine Chapel, this is the Eastern world.

To conclude, I’ve never seen details so greatly done!


Part 9/11 in China Adventures 2010


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