Shop til we drop!

There are a lot of things that people seem to love about shopping in China.

1. Super cheap compared to the US. Example, I bought a pair of shoes for 30RMB (exchange rate is about 7RMB to 1US).
2. Fake merchandise everywhere.
3. Everything is made in China, right? Ha ha ha.

Usually when I go, people always say, “Can you buy this for me?” or “Please get this” or “Look out for this thing I want.” Actually, it’s really difficult to find stuff like this.

1. Real brand stuff is exactly the same price as the US, if not more expensive.
2. You can’t trust the quality of the fake merchandise.
3. Finding the exact item they want is nearly impossible if you don’t know where to get it or if it’s legit!

When I went, all I knew I wanted to get was the new Ayumi Hamasaki DVD, because it was going to save me the $5 shipping fee of ordering online. It actually took me a really long time to find it, because every legit store I went to didn’t have it or they were fakes. ~fake~ is a real problem…  Anyway, I did manage to find the DVD on my final day. =/ It was actually an accident that I even discovered it. Basically, I had given up finding it by this point, so I was just walking around looking for some cute food shops, when I walk past this really small store that was blasting music. Ta-da!! There it was.

You know, shopping for specific items is really difficult. You would think that it won’t be the hard, but it’s much easier to shop for people when you have no idea what to get them. At least, that way you’re not stressing to find something for this person. Instead, by stumbling upon an idea that fits that person, it’s a lot easier. The only exception is if people say to get them something really general, such as if anybody asks, I usually ask for a snowglobe. Sometimes my friends might ask for a stuffed animal or a postcard. These are very general things. Way easier to deal with.

Part 7/11 in China Adventures 2010!


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