Time for a walk in the park!

There are a lot of parks in China. I’m not talking about theme parks. I’m talking about something like Central Park in NYC. It’s a free, public park. There are so many of those in China, I’m surprised that people should even care about Central Park, ha ha ha.

The thing about these parks is that so many people are there!

Lots of people!

The people aren’t just sitting around feeding pigeons or tanning, but it’s really a community area. There are many, many groups of people doing tai-chi together or learning to dance together. People set up tents where they would sing or just to get away from the sun! It makes you feel like the outdoors, even though it’s so hot, is a really great place to be. =) It’s a really happy feeling.

The best thing is that all this stuff is free. You can just go to the park anytime, to sit, to meet with friends, to exercise. I kind of wish America had that too, but because of the suburbs and our endless amounts of lawn, we don’t really have that. It’s a bit sad, because the thing about the parks in China wasn’t that it was free outdoor space, but that there was a really strong sense of community. Going outside to hang out in my yard just cannot compare to the groups of people who go to the parks. It’s extremely impressive!

Also, what sort of free park has a national monument there, right?

Famous Guangzhou Symbol!

Part 6/11 in China Adventures 2010


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