It’s about unity, love, and peace…

… except when you’re battling. (No China talk today!) I’m talking about the documentary, Planet B-Boy.

Breakdancing is completely amazing. It’s such a great style! Ha ha, very exciting, don’t you think?

I’ve been trying to find this movie ever since it came out, but it was never in any of my local video rentals and the library didn’t have it. Finally, I was able to see it because Netflix has it on streaming (and I got a free trail to it!)

I thought it was going to be about the dancing, which it is, but they focus a lot on the people too and their backgrounds. It’s actually really fun to watch, because some of the stories were really nice. It’s worth it just for some of the stories, and how the parents react to their sons’ love for breakdancing.

The documentary actually focuses on 4 teams (US, Japan, Korea, and France) and their trip to the Battle of the Year 2005. By the way, Korea is amazing! Everyone has their unique flavor, but the Koreans are crazy.

Actually, my favorite was the Japanese team. They actually did a really good job. I liked the DJ theme and it was a really nice package overall. Watch!

I would definitely recommend watching this if you like breakdancing!


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