24: Season 9 (in a plane)

Have you ever spent 24 straight hours traveling? It’s really tiring.

I woke up at 4AM (EST) and went to the airport. My plane was at 6AM, and off we go. Land in San Francisco at 12PM (EST), and wait for my connection for 2 hours. There’s nothing to do in airports except look at duty free shops and look at overpriced food. =/ Board plane at 2PM and fly for about 12 hours. Arrive in Hong Kong. Customs, train to Guangzhou, enter mainland China (more customs), subway. Arrive at grandparents house at 11AM (EST) next day.

Jack Bauer’s unbelievable adventures are way more exciting than this.

It was extra tiring, because I can’t sleep well on planes. I probably slept for about 3 hours in that 24 hour span. It actually works really well for jet lag. Since I haven’t slept for so long, I just pass out as soon as I hit the bed. =)

On the trip there, I sat next to this guy who was really young. He was probably a college student, who was going home for the summer. I don’t think he slept at all actually, because the whole time I was awake, he was too! He kept laughing at the in flight movies (which were pretty bad, I admit). Interestingly, he spent most of the flight standing up, so even though I was at the window, it was really convenient to get out!

On the trip back, I sat next to this old man. He didn’t speak English very well, so I had to translate for the flight attendants. He was very funny. He was 90-years-old, and he took his passport to prove it to me. Indeed, he was really 90! It didn’t look it at all! And he moved around so easily; it was really amazing. This man was really amazing.

P.S. I love airplane cookies.

It's 5:30AM. Sunrise at Logan Airport. Let the adventure begin.

Part 1/11 of China Adventures 2010


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