Which seat on an airplane?

Window, middle, or aisle?

When I was younger I really liked the window seat, but now that I have been traveling alone more often, the aisle is much better. It’s easy to get in and out, and there’s actually some space to breathe.

It’s terrible when there are smelly people beside you and you’re in the middle.

After 24 hours of traveling, it’s really exhausting to sit in the middle. =/


One comment on “Which seat on an airplane?

  1. I prefer sitting aisle. To be honest, I hate planes. I hate the smell of it -the chemical, recycled air smell- the seats, everything. And so I try to sit next to the aisle as I feel less… suffocated. Which is a shame, since you do need to catch a plane to go anywhere exciting, and well, I don’t like planes =/

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