Tourist Atraptions

I’m leaving for a trip in a few days, and it’s been really tough to find places I’d like to visit. Why? Because first, my main goal of this trip was just visiting my grandparents, and second, my Chinese is really limited, so I can’t understand the websites! >_<

Knowing my grandparents, they will probably have no idea where to take me. I’m sure that when I visit, they take me out to dinner every night to show me off to their friends. I am not an object. -_-

Actually, knowing anybody, it’s really tough to know where are good places to take visitors, right? Many people have no interest in sightseeing in their own backyard. When I have friends visit me and they want to be taken around, I really don’t know what to show them. I think there are three types of tourist, the ones who want to see the famous stuff, the ones who want to the local stuff, and a mix of both. Also, people have different interest, such as I love museums, but everyone else I know thinks they’re boring.

Tourist traps are really fun, right? Only when they’re not in your area, though. Otherwise, it’s uncool of visit them, right? Ha ha, I think that’s kind of a misconception. It’s okay to visit places near you. Doesn’t that show that where you live is actually a great place?


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