Mega Fans

Everyone has something they really love, be it a person or a thing. Then there are the people who love things too much. It’s those die hard fans where their idol can do no wrong that are particularly interesting.

Lately, I’ve been hearing how everyone thinks this person copied this person. It’s a fan war. This is something that’s bothersome. These days it’s really tough to be original, and everyone is putting on their best.

To the fierce fans out there, please consider the following before accusing others of copying or being unoriginal:

1. Who came out with it first? Do your research. You will sound stupid if your facts aren’t straight.

2. Imitation is a form of flattery.

3. How similar is it really? Are they just wearing the same color shirt (ie. red) with a similar background (ie. the beach), or are they wearing the exact same shirt with the exact same background with the exact same pose? There are only so many combinations out there.

4. Always spell check. Trolling with bad grammar and spelling makes you double stupid.

5. Besides the star, there are a lot of other people who work hard to make the outcome what it is. Have you considered those people? What if those people are working for both parties? The idea would be similar, wouldn’t it? The creator has a certain style.

6. It’s not as if your idol can do no wrong. Get over it.


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