Employees are the same everywhere.

No matter where I go to work, the relationship between the employer and the employee is exactly the same. Regardless of it being a huge corporation or a small business, the employee will always gossip about the employer. People are always complaining about how terrible their work environment is. “My boss is terrible.” It seems that all the jobs I work at, people are extremely dissatisfied with their job. I don’t think I’ve met a happy employee yet. Obviously, people aren’t going to talk bad in front of their boss, but once their backs are turned, the gossip and complaints begin.

I’m getting really sick of it.

People just like to complain. People don’t want to work. This is the impression I get when I’m around my coworkers.

When I hear complaints, I usually nod, and say, “Oh? Is that so?” or “Interesting.” Perhaps this makes me sound stupid or cold, but I really don’t know how to respond. I don’t have anything to complain about. I got a job, because I need work. I need money. There needs to be food on the table! There needs to be wearable clothes in my closet! There needs to be a roof over my head! As long as I’m making it, no matter how I’m making it, there’s nothing to complain about. As long as I have the money to live, and I’m not begging on the streets with cardboard signs, then there’s nothing to complain about.

I understand that your career choice might be stressful, unexpected, or a dead end, but if this is the end of the road for you, if there are really no other choices for you, then what the hell are you complaining about?! If you’re really at the end, then start doing your best! You should have no one to blame but yourself if you’re at a dead end. The only dependable person is yourself, and if you’re just complaining about your job all the time, then how are you being dependable? Don’t just rely on others.

If you can do better for yourself, for your family, for whatever you’re working for/towards, then go ahead and start planning it! Take that small step towards whatever.

“My boss is an asshole.” So what? Why should that effect your behavior? My boss keeps piling work on me, but I’m still going to do it. That’s my job. I’m a worker. Liking someone or not liking someone should not effect your ability to get a job done. These emotions should never have a hindrance on your work. Will complaining get you money? Does it just make you feel better? Do your meaningless words make you feel better? You know what will make you feel even better? Doing your job and getting money.

If you’ve done the best your could, even if you fail, you would fail without regrets. All your effort might not add up in this society, but is complaining about it going to be useful?

I don’t want to hear about your stupid problems. I just want to get the job done.


2 comments on “Employees are the same everywhere.

  1. Long comment is long.

    wow, now you’re really harsh. And I don’t mean you’re indifference towards your colleague’s problems – we all have that, but your attitude towards work. We’re not robots! Sure, one needs money in order to survive but that doesn’t mean it is willing to do anything to get them. One’s knowledge and skills have a price and although some extra effort is worth sometimes, most of the time it is not.

    You’ve just took a person with feelings and emotions (isn’t that what separates us from animals?) and transformed it into a resource. Yes, that’s how the companies see you (the employee) but even they take into consideration your needs as a human, a person (you’re probably familiar already with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?): how you need time off to spend with your family or doing the things you like, how you need trainings to feel accomplished as a professional, and yes even how you need challenges to (this I don’t know, it differs from person to person, I’ll just take a guess) build your self-esteem.

    So while I agree whiners are a nuisance, I don’t think it’s a healthy attitude to keep one’s mouth, eyes and ears shut and just getting the job done.
    By not voicing your opinions you just encourage your employer to take advantage of you. You’d think that if you’re being fair and doing your part of the contract it will do the same, but that’s not the way companies make profit. If they can get more out of you and at the same cost, they will. People aren’t getting stressed and exhausted because they’re lazy whiners. Lazy people do just what you said: they complain, they avoid doing their part and just manage to get away with it daily. The downside is that the job has to be done in the end…and who else will do it if not the ones that do not object?

    People spend an average of 8 to 9 hours actually being at work (?). That seriously cuts down their chances of socializing, of meeting new people. Humans are sociable beings by excellence and the small office talk is what sometimes feeds this need of feeling you’re part of a community, of the society. Talking about weather and daily news doesn’t satisfy their need to have something in common with the person they share an office. So they choose something not deeply personal but still pretty subjective: the management.

    ‘My boss is an asshole’ doesn’t necessarily mean he/she’ll just work the life out of you. A good boss tends to your needs as a person too. Positions in a company usually require one to be versatile. You won’t always just use your technical skill, you’ll need a bit of management, some people skills, etc. What if he/she doesn’t allow you to participate in a training that could help you shape your overall performance. What then? What if you don’t see him as a person, you cut all emotions when it comes to your relationship with your boss, what guaranty do you have that he/she will do the same. Bosses are human after all. And they have their bosses too …

  2. If it’s any consolation, I really like my boss and almost all of my co-workers. I read the comment above and I see where both of you are coming from. We are humans with wants and needs and things, but at the same time, it’s really frustrating to have to bear the burden of work and listen to people spend more time complaining about their job. It stinks that we have to work to live, but in the end… we have to work to live. XP It would be nice not to have to wear another person’s problems unwillingly when we’re already shouldering so many of our own. 🙂

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