Korean Food

Lately, I’ve been really obsessed with Korean food, and ever since I found out that there is a Korean restaurant nearby I’ve been going frequently. They have very interesting tastes and it’s so good! Food porn time:

Doesn’t that look so good?! It makes me a bit hungry thinking about it….

It’s interesting that I’ve never found any Korean restaurants around the city, but out here in the middle of nowhere, there are actually a few. I think, when I graduate from here, I’ll really miss the Korean food! Ha ha ha… is that all I’ll miss?


2 comments on “Korean Food

  1. hi 🙂 i’m korean and it’s so good to see that you like our food! I really recommend you to try PORK BELLY!!! the most delicious thing ever!
    You can buy it from a chinese of korean butcher shop. It’s easy to make and cheaper than going to restaurant. best grilled in a oven.
    Eat it with rice, cabbage or lettuce and hot chillie bean sause and some garlic <<<SO GOOOD! I'm so food obsessed!

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